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High Demand for rapid construction and low cost
There is great demand for housing in developing countries. The target is to build hundreds of thousands of houses in each country, either to create new settlements in areas to be developed, or to eliminate prevailing slums.

In all cases it is essential to have:
- High-speed construction systems.
- Good quality / price ratio.

When undertaking large-scale projects, there are several shortcomings in the availability of skilled personnel, media production and infrastructure and other necessary facilities that, together, represent a major handicap for building using traditional methods, so the projects have a high degree of failure despite the interest and dedication of resources to that end.

The Construction Sector, has assimilated, and generally accepts that to meet this specific demand, it is necessary to use other systems (methods and materials), different from the traditional construction.

In most developed countries, traditional construction has not evolved at the speed of other activities. Home builders, in most cases, have not innovated, so what is being constructed at present are like the constructions of the middle of last century. Consequently, the construction sector has not benefited from the advantages, rationalization, mechanization and automation that other activities already achieved, and so, if you want to maintain the quality standards required by present, buildings are constructed in long terms periods and also at very expensive costs.

Resistant housing need for catastrophic events
In many parts of the world occur frequently and regularly catastrophic natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, earth-moving and dredging, avalanches and floods.

Every year we see how, besides the loss of human lives, are therefore, thousands of homes destroyed.

Usually, this happens in poor countries where homes are more precarious and where no economic resources were used to reinforce buildings using traditional methods, so that disasters occur without solution.

It is important to achieve a construction system which, in addition to economically available, provides sufficient strength to resist most of these catastrophic actions.