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Established in late 2005 by partners with a long and extensive knowledge of the Spanish construction market, CMSA was created to serve businessmen and industrials on wholesale purchases related with construction materials.

Our main activity is focused in providing our customers the best materials in terms of quality and price, while we provide the appropriate advice depending on the type of work, location and needs related to the innovation and the final product requirements. In this way we ensure to provide a personalized advising mainly focused on the needs of each client.

All this is possible, in addition to our extensive experience in this field, thanks to our relationship with prestigious factories specializing in the areas of gray and white cement and ordinary and special mortars. We also have direct relationship with different thermal power stations, as well as collaborations with other companies in the industry, that allow us to get all the building materials demanded by our clients for the performance of their works, giving them all necessary guarantees that enable them to comply with the required standards in each case.

Among the products we can supply, you would find the full range of common and special cements, mortars of all kinds, fly ash, aggregates, additives, metal and polypropylene fibers and all that range of pre cast products directly related to construction such as bricks, tiles, pipes, curbs, etc.